More Client Testimonials

When my father and I were trying to decide which long-term care facility would be best for my mother, Miriam sat down with us and patiently described all of the options and helped us to select the perfect one for my Mom. She also visited my mother in the assisted living facility and checked in several times with us during those months, to see how things were going and to provide on-going emotional support. Miriam is an extraordinary dedicated, compassionate and competent professional, who cares deeply for the elderly and for their families.                         

Tammy B.


Miriam was of a life-saving assistance to me. I called her because I was feeling very sick. She has immediately determined that I need to be taking to ER.  In the ER Miriam stayed with me into the night while I was in there. She advocated for me and talked to ER doctors on my behalf. Much later on, I have received a very large bill from the Hospital which I knew I would. Miriam advocated again for me for several months. She talked to the hospital billing department several times and also wrote a detailed and respectful letter to them, which eventually resulted in a significant reduction of my bill. I cannot say enough how great and compassionate Miriam was in every way, both in supporting me to go to the hospital, staying with me there for many hours, advocating for me while I was there and encouraging me to protest the bill and worked with the hospitable to renegotiate my very high bill. I can never thank her enough for saving my life.                                          

Juliet G.


Miriam has helped me and my wife who has been disabled for the last 10 years in many ways. One vitally important thing Miriam did during a comprehensive assessment, being an experienced nurse she recognized that my wife has a swallowing problem which could potentially lead to choking or aspiration. She gave us recommendations in dietary changes that we implemented right away. Then Miriam arranged special swallowing test, worked with doctor’s office and our insurance company to make sure it will be covered. She also followed up on arranging a speech therapist to assist with teaching caregivers appropriate exercises and carry out dietary changes. Then she brought onaboard Visiting Nursing Services.  Now, we have a Nurse coming to our house monthly and performing a necessary skilled nursing service. Before Miriam’s involvement, I had to take half a day off from work and take my wife for this necessary procedure to the doctor’s office, which has not been easy on my very disabled wife and me. The quality of my wife’s living on a daily basis has improved as well. Now, while I am at work, my wife has a caregiver who assists her with all of her personal and care needs and also provides socialization. The caregivers that Miriam provided to us are highly professional, and they are helping us a great deal on a regular basis. Miriam was also in charge to make sure that all my wife’s needs would be met, including getting a right type of medical  equipment in order for my wife to be more safe at home.  Miriam also brought to our awareness that we need to have an Advance Health Care Directives and Durable Power of Attorney which were very necessary documents. And she facilitated the whole signing process. I highly recommend Miriam as a care manager.

Michael P.