Our Client Testimonials

Miriam was a care manager for me during my traumatic illness. She was a constant source of love and caring accompanied by her expertise. The help and support she gave to me and my son was outstanding. She brought together various modalities which were needed with confidence and professionalism in addition to her many years of experience as a Nurse. 

Today I am at peace and counting my blessings that I have survived and met my challenges. Miriam’s loving support as a care manager along with an excellent and devoted team of caregivers has brought me well being.   

I have come home to God and my divine path. It feels good to be here on the planet for 98 years. I  am looking forward to new ways of fulfillment and new growth.

I highly recommend Miriam as an outstanding care manager and express deep gratitude for her services.

Bleema P.


Miriam has twice served our family as the care manager for my mother. Miriam has a winning combination of warmth, caring and professionalism, which makes her ideally suited as a care manager. She draws on her nursing background when needed, combines her professional knowledge with emotional empathy and compassion, and she is willing and able to help with practical details as needed. I was particularly impressed by the high quality of the caregivers that Miriam selected for my mother based not only on their skills and experience, but also with a sensitive matching of the right temperament to be accepted by my mother. Miriam is respectful of the wishes of the family and clearly communicates important decision-making choices.

Miriam was also able to coordinate with medical and social services staff effectively, arranged appointments, advocated for the care my mother needed, and organized medication management.

If you are in need of a care manager for an elderly or needy family member, I highly recommend LifeCare Management.

Richard K.


Earlier this year, my wife and I were in crisis. Beila had been diagnosed with adult onset hydrocephalus and was having increasing trouble performing every day tasks of life. I had a long commute to a full time job. I was overwhelmed: there was no way I could do my job and cope with Beila’s care needs at the same time. Fortunately , Miriam came to the rescue!

Miriam took on management of all aspects of Beila’s care including: providing a comprehensive care needs assessment and a care plan, hiring, scheduling, advising and directing caregivers, consulting with doctors and other medical personnel, arranging for respite, helping with pre and post surgical care.

Miriam coordinated care between caregivers, doctors and myself by using her extensive nursing background. Miriam has a warm, engaging personality. She shows great enthusiasm for her work, and it is clear that it is her passion. Her fees are most reasonable and she has been willing to forgo some charges in concern for the financial burden on our family. She has on more than one occasion gone above and beyond the requirement of a care manager when more help was needed. I don’t know how Beila and I would have survived without Miriam. I give her my highest recommendations.

Nick R.