About Us

Miriam is a Care Manager serving Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties.

She is a passionate advocate for families with elderly and disabled adults finding independent caregivers and setting up a more affordable care at home. 

Miriam started her career as a skilled nurse on a med-surgical unit at one of the nation’s top hospital, where she worked with patients dealing with complex medical issues. Later on, as Miriam developed a passion for working with the geriatric population and the disabled, this invaluable clinical experience has been highly beneficial to Miriam and her clients throughout her 25 years of serving older and disabled adults. Miriam also has first-hand experience with palliative care, hospice and end-of-life care.


Miriam received a number of awards and recognitions from organizations and communities where she worked. Perhaps more importantly, Miriam had received an abundance of gratitude from countless clients whom she served.

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